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WPSSO creates complete and accurate meta tags and Schema markup:

WPSSO includes Facebook / Open Graph / Twitter Cards / Pinterest Rich Pins / Google Rich Cards / SEO / Schema descriptions, titles, hashtags, complete image markup, complete video markup, complete and very extensive eCommerce product markup, author profile / authorship, co-authors, publisher information, local business markup, aggregate ratings, reviews, recipe information, event details, and much, much more — all from your existing content.

WPSSO uses your existing content for meta tags and Schema markup:

There's no need to manually re-enter descriptions, titles, select image / video URLs, etc. — WPSSO reads all of your existing WordPress content automatically — and if you want, you can also fine-tune and customize just about everything. ;-)

WPSSO includes advanced quality control features and options:

WPSSO checks minimum / maximum image dimensions and aspect ratios, verifies the front-end webpage for duplicate meta tags, shows notices for missing and required images, along with validating the theme header template.

WPSSO offers special meta tags and features for Pinterest:

WPSSO provides a specific image for the Pinterest Pin It button, excludes non-relevant images from being detected by Pinterest, and prevents conflicts between incompatible Pinterest and Facebook Open Graph meta tag values.

WPSSO can enhance and integrate with your favorite SEO plugin!

WPSSO specializes in providing all the meta tags and Schema markup social sites and search engines need — and you can still continue to use your favorite SEO content / keyword analysis tools!

WPSSO is incredibly fast and coded for performance:

WPSSO Core and its extensions make full use of all available caching techniques (persistent / non-persistent object and disk caching), and load only the PHP library files and object classes they need, keeping their code small, fast, and light.

WPSSO Core and its extensions are fully tested and compatible with PHP v7.x (PHP v5.4 or better required).

Advanced meta tag / Schema JSON-LD filter hooks for developers:

WPSSO offers hundreds of filter hooks to easily customize WPSSO's behavior and output, dozens of 3rd party integration modules in the Pro version, and several Free and Pro extensions to extend the WPSSO Core plugin.

Quick List of Features

WPSSO Core Free / Standard Features

  Automatically creates complete Open Graph meta tags for Facebook, Google Plus / SEO / Rich Card, Pinterest Rich Pin, LinkedIn, etc. in the head section of all webpages, including all custom post types, custom taxonomy / terms, user profile pages, attachment pages, and more.

  Adds Pinterest-specific Rich Pin meta tags and Structured Data Schema markup for Google Search / SEO.

  Adds author (aka Person), publisher (aka Organization), and WebSite markup using Schema JSON-LD for Google Search / SEO and its Knowledge Graph, including markup for the Google Sitelinks Searchbox.

  Adds Weibo meta tags for article creation and update dates.

  Adds all available Twitter Card meta tags:

  Features customizable image dimensions for Facebook / Open Graph, Google / SEO / Schema / Pinterest and all Twitter Card types.

  Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and AMP for WP - Accelerated Mobile Pages plugins.

  Manage robots noindex, nofollow, noarchive, and nosnippet for each post / page.

  Finds images from several sources, including featured, attached, gallery shortcode, images from HTML tags in the content, or a custom fallback image.

  Configurable title and description maximum lengths (Open Graph, Twitter Card, SEO), including both hard and soft limits.

  Configurable title separator character (hyphen by default).

  Contextual help for every plugin option and comprehensive online documentation.

  Configurable website / business social accounts for Schema markup and Google's Knowledge Graph:

  • Facebook Business Page URL
  • Google+ Business Page URL
  • Instagram Business Page URL
  • LinkedIn Company Page URL
  • Myspace Business Page URL
  • Pinterest Company Page URL
  • Soundcloud Business Page URL
  • Tumblr Business Page URL
  • Twitter Business @username
  • YouTube Business Channel URL

  User profile contact fields for Open Graph, Twitter Card, Schema markup, and Google's Knowledge Graph:

  • Facebook URL
  • Google+ URL
  • Instagram URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Myspace URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • Skype Username
  • Soundcloud URL
  • Tumblr URL
  • Twitter @username
  • YouTube Channel URL

  Provides an option to hide the preview of all Pro settings and features.

  Supports WordPress Network / Multisite installations and WordPress MU Domain Mapping.

  Additional (and optional) Free extension for WPSSO:

  Download the Free version from GitHub or WordPress.org.

Quick List of Features (Continued)

WPSSO Core Pro / Additional Features

  Includes a Social and Search Optimization metabox for Posts, Pages, custom post types, user profiles, and term / taxonomy (category and tag) editing pages — the Social and Search Optimization metabox allows you to customize the article topic, the shared title, the Open Graph / Facebook / Rich Pins / Google Rich Cards / SEO / Twitter Card descriptions, along with the shared image and/or video.

  Optionally validate all image minimum / maximum dimensions and aspect ratios.

  Optionally upscale smaller images for social sharing and Schema markup - a maximum upscale percentage can also be selected.

  Support for embedded videos in content text (iframe and object HTML markup).

  Fully renders content (including shortcodes) for accurate description texts and embedded video detection.

  Additional Facebook / Open Graph / Rich Pin meta tags and Schema markup for videos and eCommerce products.

  Twitter Player Card meta tags for embedded videos from Facebook, Slideshare, Vimeo, Wistia, and Youtube.

  Include or exclude individual Facebook / Open Graph / Google / SEO / Twitter Card / Schema meta tag from the webpage head section.

  Allows you to customize the field names, label, and add / remove the contacts on user profile pages and Co-Authors Plus guest author profiles:

  • AIM
  • Facebook URL
  • Google Talk
  • Google+ URL
  • Instagram URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • MySpace URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • Skype Username
  • Soundcloud URL
  • Tumblr URL
  • Twitter @username
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • YouTube Channel URL

  Optional URL shortening with Bitly, Google, Ow.ly, TinyURL, or YOURLS.

  Integrates with 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, eCommerce product details, SEO settings, etc. The following modules are included with the Pro version, and are automatically loaded if/when the supported plugins and/or services are required.

  • Integration with 3rd Party Plugins
    • All in One SEO Pack
    • bbPress
    • BuddyPress (including Group Forum Topics)
    • Co-Authors Plus (including Guest Authors)
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • Gravity Forms + GravityView
    • HeadSpace2 SEO
    • MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce
    • NextGEN Gallery
    • Polylang
    • rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress
    • Simple Job Board (WPSSO JSON Pro extension required)
    • The Events Calendar
    • The SEO Framework
    • WooCommerce (versions 1, 2, and 3)
    • WordPress REST API (version 2)
    • WP eCommerce
    • WP Job Manager (WPSSO JSON Pro extension required)
    • WP Meta SEO
    • WP Product Review (WPSSO JSON Pro extension required)
    • WP Recipe Maker (WPSSO JSON Pro extension required)
    • WP Ultimate Recipe (WPSSO JSON Pro extension required)
    • Yoast SEO (aka WordPress SEO)
    • Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce
  • Integration with Service APIs
    • Bitly
    • Facebook Embedded Videos
    • Google URL Shortener
    • Gravatar (Author Image)
    • Ow.ly
    • Slideshare Presentations
    • Soundcloud Tracks (for Twitter Player Card)
    • TinyURL
    • Vimeo Videos
    • Wistia Videos
    • WordPress Video Shortcode (and Self-Hosted Videos)
    • Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS)
    • YouTube Videos and Playlists

  Additional Pro extensions for WPSSO Core Pro:

  Purchase the WPSSO Core Pro plugin here (all plugin purchases include a No Risk 30 Day Refund Policy).

3rd Party Integration (Pro version)

Images and Videos

WPSSO detects and uses all images, associated or included in your content, including the WordPress image gallery shortcode and the NextGEN Gallery shortcode. WordPress Media Library images (and NextGEN Gallery images in the Pro version) are resized according to their intended consumer (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google / SEO, etc). The Pro version also detects embedded videos from Facebook, Slideshare, Vimeo, Wistia, and Youtube and includes their preview image, video title, and video description in meta tags and Schema markup. The Pro version includes complete support for NextGEN Gallery albums, galleries, and images (shortcodes, image tags, album / gallery preview images, and more).

Enhanced SEO

WPSSO Core Pro integrates with All in One SEO Pack, HeadSpace2 SEO, The SEO Framework, WP Meta SEO, and Yoast SEO (aka WordPress SEO) — making sure your custom SEO settings are reflected in the Open Graph, Rich Pin, Schema Structured Data, and Twitter Card meta tags.

eCommerce Products

WPSSO Core Pro also supports Easy Digital Downloads, MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce, WooCommerce (versions 1, 2, and 3), and WP e-Commerce product pages, creating appropriate meta tags for Facebook Products and Pinterest Rich Pins, including product variations and additional / custom images.

Forums and Social

WPSSO Core Pro supports bbPress, BuddyPress (see the BuddyPress Integration Notes), and rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress, making sure your meta tags reflect the page content, including appropriate titles, descriptions, images, author information, etc.

Professional Support

WPSSO support and development is on-going. You can review the FAQ and Notes pages for additional setup information. If you have any suggestions or comments, post them to the WordPress support forum or the Pro version support website.

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