WordPress Social and Search Optimization

The Complete Meta Tag and Schema Markup Solution

Meta Tags and Schema Markup for Facebook / Open Graph, Pinterest Rich Pins,
Twitter Cards, Google Rich Results with Structured Data, Messaging Apps,
WordPress REST API, LinkedIn / oEmbed Data, and More.

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Makes sure your content looks great on all social and search sites - no matter how webpage URLs are crawled, shared, re-shared, posted, or embedded:

WPSSO Core and its free complementary add-ons provide comprehensive information about your webpage content to social sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), search engines and crawlers (Google, Bing, etc.), mail and text messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), REST API clients, and oEmbed data for embedded objects / iframes (LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.) — all from your existing WordPress content and supported plugins.

Uses your existing WordPress content, plugin and service API data:

There's no need to manually re-create descriptions, titles, product information, re-select images / videos, etc. WPSSO Core reads your existing post, page, product, media, recipe, event, forum, and SEO content automatically — while also offering fine-tuning and customization options for just about everything. ;-)

Creates complete and accurate meta tags and Schema markup:

WPSSO Core and its complementary add-ons create meta tags and Schema markup for Facebook / Open Graph, Google's Knowledge Graph, Google Rich Results (aka Rich Snippets) with Structured Data, Mobile Web Browsers, oEmbed data for LinkedIn, Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards — including complete markup for image SEO, video SEO, extensive e-Commerce product markup (for WooCommerce and others), mobile store apps, author profile / authorship, co-authors, publisher information, local business markup, aggregate ratings, reviews, recipe information, event details, and much, much more — all from your existing WordPress content and plugin data!

WPSSO Core is also language / locale aware, which means you can customize many option values for different languages.

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Document SSO (Social and Search Optimization)

WPSSO Core includes a document "Social and Search Optimization" metabox for editing pages (for both the classic and the new block editor in WordPress 5), allowing you to fine-tune and customize the schema type, title, description, image details, video information, etc. that Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social sites use.

The Document SSO metabox shows a different set of options based on the content type (aka Schema type or Open Graph type) selected, allowing you to customize the details of articles, events, e-Commerce products, recipes, reviews, etc.

The Document SSO metabox also offers a social share preview tab, a complete list of meta tags and markup created, and validation buttons for several social / search tools. Complementary add-ons can include additonal Schema properties, location / local business information, mobile app details, and much, much more.

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3rd Party Plugin and Service API Support

WPSSO Core integrates with 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, eCommerce product details, SEO settings, etc. The following modules are included with the Premium version, and are automatically loaded if/when the supported plugins and/or services are required.

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