WordPress Social and Search Optimization

Structured Data SEO for Everyone

Present your content at its best on social sites and in search results,
no matter how webpages are shared, re-shared, messaged,
posted, embedded, or crawled.

An Example of Google Rich Results for Schema Product Markup.
Present your content at its best on social sites and in search results:

WPSSO provides meta tags and structured data markup for Facebook / Open Graph, Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, Google Knowledge Graph, Google Rich Results (aka Schema, Rich Snippets, Structured Data), WhatsApp and Messaging Apps, Mobile Web Browsers, WordPress REST API, LinkedIn / oEmbed data and more — including markup for image SEO, video SEO, extensive e-Commerce product markup (for WooCommerce and others), mobile store apps, author profile / authorship, co-authors, publisher information, local business / local SEO, aggregate ratings, reviews, recipe information, event details, and much, much more — all from your existing content, supported plugin data, and service API data.

Reads existing content, plugin data, and service API data:

There's no need to manually re-enter descriptions, titles, product information, and re-select images / videos like other meta tag, SEO, or Schema plugins. WPSSO can be used as your only social and search optimization plugin, or combined with your favorite SEO plugin to improve your SEO plugin's meta tags and Schema markup (including All in One SEO Pack, Jetpack SEO Tools, Rank Math SEO, SEO Ultimate, SEOPress, The SEO Framework, WP Meta SEO, Yoast SEO, and more).

Customize the settings for different languages:

Text, image, and video related options are WordPress language / locale aware, which means you can easily switch languages and customize these options for different front-end webpage languages.

Fast, light, and coded for maximum performance:

WPSSO makes full use of all WordPress caching methods — along with advanced caching features like pre-seeding in background. WPSSO Core and its complementary add-ons load only the PHP libraries and classes they need, keeping their code small, fast and light. All code is fully tested and compatible with the latest version of WordPress and PHP v8.

An Example of the Document SSO Metabox from WPSSO Core.

Document SSO

The WPSSO Core plugin provides a Document SSO metabox for editing pages (for the classic and new block editor in WordPress v5), allowing you to fine-tune and customize the Schema type, Open Graph type, title, description, product details, image and video information, etc. that Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social sites use.

The Document SSO metabox shows a different set of options based on the content type (aka Schema type or Open Graph type) selected, allowing you to customize the details of articles, events, e-Commerce products, recipes, reviews, and more.

The Document SSO metabox also offers a social share preview tab, a complete list of meta tags and Schema markup created, along with validation buttons for several social / search tools. Complementary add-ons for WPSSO Core can also include additional Schema properties, location / local business information, mobile app details, and much, much more.

An Example of Google Rich Results for Schema Recipe Markup.

3rd Party Plugin and Service API Support

WPSSO Core integrates with 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, e-Commerce product details, SEO settings, etc. The following modules are included with the Premium version and automatically loaded if/when the supported plugins and/or services are required.

Integration with 3rd Party Plugins:
Integration with Service APIs:
  • Bitly
  • Facebook Embedded Videos
  • Gravatar (Author Image)
  • Ow.ly
  • Shopper Approved (Ratings and Reviews)
  • Slideshare Presentations
  • Soundcloud Tracks (for the Twitter Player Card)
  • TinyURL
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Wistia Videos
  • WordPress Video Shortcode (and Self-Hosted Videos)
  • Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS)
  • YouTube Videos and Playlists

Free Complementary Add-ons for WPSSO Core

Do you need even more advanced, special and unique features?

Simply activate the free complementary add-on(s) you require: