WPSSO Shipping Delivery Time for WooCommerce

Version Information

  • Plugin Name: WPSSO Shipping Delivery Time for WooCommerce
  • Stable Version: 2.2.1
  • Author: JS Morisset
  • Description: Shipping delivery time estimates for WooCommerce shipping zones, methods, and classes.
  • License: GPLv3
  • Requires PHP: 7.0 or newer
  • Requires WordPress: 4.5 or newer
  • Tested Up To WordPress: 5.7.1
  • Tested Up To WooCommerce: 5.2.2
  • Last Updated: 9 hours ago
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Integrates and extends the **WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping** page with additional shipping delivery times:

  • Optionally show handling and packaging times in the cart and checkout pages.
  • Optionally show transit times in the cart and checkout pages.
  • Select shipping department hours (cutoff time for new orders and business hours).
  • Select min / max handling times for WooCommerce shipping classes.
  • Select min / max transit times for WooCommerce shipping zones and methods.
  • Increment handling and transit times in half-hours and/or half-days.

Provides shipping delivery time information to the WPSSO Core Premium plugin and the WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup add-on for Schema (aka Schema.org) ShippingDeliveryTime markup.

Adding shipping details to your Schema Product markup is especially important if you offer free or low-cost shipping options as this will make your products more appealing in Google search results.

WPSSO Core Plugin Required

WPSSO Shipping Delivery Time for WooCommerce (aka WPSSO WCSDT) is an add-on for the WPSSO Core plugin. WPSSO Core and its add-ons make sure your content looks best on social sites and in search results, no matter how webpages are shared, re-shared, messaged, posted, embedded, or crawled.