WPSSO Organization and Place Manager

Version Information

  • Plugin Name: WPSSO Organization and Place Manager
  • Stable Version: 1.15.0
  • Author: JS Morisset
  • Description: Manage Organizations (publisher, organizer, etc.) and Places for Facebook, Pinterest, and Google local business markup.
  • License: GPLv3
  • Requires PHP: 7.2.34 or newer
  • Requires WordPress: 5.5 or newer
  • Tested Up To WordPress: 6.3.1
  • Last Updated: 6 days ago

2 comments on “WPSSO Organization and Place Manager

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    WPSSO Organization and Place Manager does the job very well. However the real gold is the support you get when you buy the premium versions. They provide the best support I have come across – going out of their way to solve any issues that may arise. I have been very impressed. Thank you for the great support guys, keep it up.

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