RRSSB Shortcode for Sharing Buttons

You can add one or more social sharing buttons to your content by using the [rrssb] shortcode anywhere in the content text.


You may use several arguments:

A list of buttons to include, as shown in the example above. You must include at least one button name.
true, false, or a specific post ID to share.

  • true = Use the WordPress $post object to determine the post ID (default).
  • false = Use the WordPress query to determine the post ID.
  • # = Use a specific WordPress post ID number.
A specific URL to share, instead of the current webpage or Post URL.
A picture / image ID to share for the Pinterest and Tumblr buttons. NextGEN Gallery picture IDs must be in the form of ‘ngg-#’ (for example: pid="ngg-123").
A specific photo / image URL to share for the Pinterest and Tumblr buttons. The photo argument takes precedence over the pid argument.
A CSS class name to wrap the shortcode buttons.
A custom filter id that can be used to modify the default options filter name. The default filter id is “shortcode” and the resulting complete filter name is wpsso_sharing_html_shortcode_options. You can hook into this filter to modify the WPSSO options before the plugin generates the shortcode buttons HTML.