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Comprehensive and accurate Schema / Rich Card markup for Google:

Including image objects / SEO, video objects / SEO, local business SEO, organization / publisher, person / author and co-authors, complete and very extensive eCommerce product markup, product variations, product ratings, aggregate ratings, reviews, recipe information, event details, collection pages, profile pages, customized property values, and much, much more (see the Quick List of Features bellow for Free / Pro version details).

Customized Schema markup and optimization features for Pinterest:

Pinterest does not (currently) read Google's preferred Schema JSON-LD format — WPSSO Core and its WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (aka WPSSO JSON) extension include special provisions to include unique Schema meta tags for Pinterest, along with methods to prevent conflicts between incompatible Pinterest and Facebook Open Graph meta tag values.

Select a different Schema than BlogPosting for your AMP pages.

Provides complete markup for WooCommerce products and all variations (Pro version):

Including product images, product variations, custom product attributes (weight, size, color, material, etc), product reviews, product ratings, and much more.

Adds content text, comments, and threaded replies to Schema CreativeWork:

Includes the complete content text (along with a description text), comments, reviews, and their replies to the Schema CreativeWork markup and its sub-types (Article, BlogPosting, Recipe, Review, WebPage, etc.) for even better Google SEO ranking. ;-)

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup is incredibly fast and coded for performance:

WPSSO Core and its extensions make full use of all available caching techniques (persistent / non-persistent object and disk caching), and load only the PHP library files and object classes they need, keeping their code small, fast, and light.

WPSSO Core and its extensions are fully tested and compatible with PHP v7.x (PHP v5.4 or better required).

WPSSO Core Plugin Prerequisite

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (aka WPSSO JSON) is an extension for the WPSSO Core plugin — which creates complete & accurate meta tags and Schema markup from your existing content for social sharing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Rich Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins, etc.

The WPSSO JSON Free extension works with either the Free or Pro version of WPSSO Core (Main Plugin).

The WPSSO JSON Pro extension uses many WPSSO Core Pro features, which requires an active and licensed WPSSO Core Pro plugin.

Quick List of Features

WPSSO JSON Free / Standard Features

  Extends the features of WPSSO Free or Pro.

  Includes support for Automattic's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin.

  Includes contributor markup for Co-Authors Plus authors and guest authors (WPSSO Core Pro plugin required).

  Adds an additional "Schema Markup" settings page to the SSO menu:

  • WebSite Alternate Name
  • Organization Logo URL
  • Organization Banner URL
  • Maximum Images to Include
  • Schema Image Dimensions
  • Maximum Description Length
  • Author / Person Name Format
  • Item Type for Blog Front Page
  • Item Type for Static Front Page
  • Item Type for Archive Page
  • Item Type for User / Author Page
  • Item Type for Search Results Page
  • Item Type by Post Type (for Posts, Pages, Media, and custom post types).
  • Default Reviewed Item Type

  Adds Schema / Structured Data / SEO JSON-LD markup for:

  Provides complete image SEO in webpage Schema JSON-LD markup.

  Download the Free version from GitHub or WordPress.org.

Quick List of Features (Continued)

WPSSO JSON Pro / Additional Features

  Extends the features of WPSSO Core Pro (requires an active and licensed WPSSO Core Pro plugin).

  Provides complete image and video SEO in webpage Schema JSON-LD markup.

  WPSSO Core Pro integrates with many 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, e-commerce product details, SEO settings, etc. The following modules are included with the Pro version of WPSSO, and are automatically loaded if/when the supported plugins and/or services are required.

  • WPSSO Core Pro Integrated 3rd Party Plugins
    • All in One SEO Pack
    • bbPress
    • BuddyPress (including Group Forum Topics)
    • Co-Authors Plus (including Guest Authors)
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • Gravity Forms + GravityView
    • HeadSpace2 SEO
    • MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce
    • NextGEN Gallery
    • Polylang
    • rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress
    • The Events Calendar
    • The SEO Framework
    • WooCommerce (versions 1, 2, and 3)
    • WordPress REST API (version 2)
    • WP eCommerce
    • Yoast SEO (aka WordPress SEO)
    • Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce
  • WPSSO Core Pro Integrated Service APIs
    • Bitly
    • Facebook Embedded Videos
    • Google URL Shortener
    • Gravatar (Author Image)
    • Ow.ly
    • Slideshare Presentations
    • Soundcloud Tracks (for Twitter Player Card)
    • TinyURL
    • Vimeo Videos
    • Wistia Videos
    • WordPress Video Shortcode (and Self-Hosted Videos)
    • Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS)
    • YouTube Videos and Playlists

  WPSSO JSON Pro includes additional 3rd party integration modules to extend Schema markup:

  • Integration with 3rd Party Plugins
    • Simple Job Board
    • WP Job Manager
    • WP Product Review
    • WP Recipe Maker
    • WP Ultimate Recipe

  Adds additional customizable option values to the Social and Search Optimization metabox, displayed or hidden based on the Schema Item Type selected:

  • All Schema Types
    • Schema Item Name (aka Title)
    • Schema Alternate Name
    • Schema Description
    • Main Entity of Page
    • Schema Item Type
    • Additional Type URLs
    • SameAs Webpage URLs
  • Creative Work Information
    • Creative Work Publisher
    • Creative Work Headline
  • Course Information
    • Course Provider
  • Event Information
    • Event Organizer
    • Event Performer
    • Event Start (date, time, timezone)
    • Event End (date, time, timezone)
    • Offers Start (date, time, timezone)
    • Offers End (date, time, timezone)
    • Event Offers (name, price, currency, availability)
  • Job Posting Information
    • Job Posting Job Title
    • Job Posting Hiring Organization
    • Job Posting Job Location
    • Job Posting Base Salary
    • Job Posting Employment Type
    • Job Posting Expires
  • Organization Information
    • Organization
  • Recipe Information
    • Recipe Preparation Time
    • Recipe Cooking Time
    • Recipe Total Time
    • Recipe Total Calories
    • Recipe Quantity
    • Recipe Ingredients
    • Recipe Instructions
    • Recipe Nutrition Information per Serving
    • Serving Size
      • Calories
      • Protein
      • Fiber
      • Carbohydrates
      • Sugar
      • Sodium
      • Fat
      • Saturated Fat
      • Unsaturated Fat
      • Trans Fat
      • Cholesterol
  • Review Information
    • Subject Type
    • Subject Name
    • Subject Webpage URL
    • Subject Image URL
    • Review Rating

  Adds Schema / Structured Data / SEO JSON-LD markup for:

Markup Examples

  Markup Example for a Restaurant using the WPSSO PLM extension to manage the Place / Location information (address, geo coordinates, business hours – daily and seasonal, restaurant menu URL, accepts reservations, etc.).

  Markup Example for a Tech Article published on surniaulula.com.

  Markup Example for a WooCommerce Product, including its name, description, images, videos, sku, price, condition, availability, ratings, colors, category, width, height, weight, all product variations, and much more.

Extends the WPSSO Core Plugin

  The WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (aka WPSSO JSON) Free extension works with either the Free or Pro version of WPSSO Core (Main Plugin).

  The WPSSO JSON Pro extension uses many WPSSO Core Pro features, which requires an active and licensed WPSSO Core Pro plugin.

  Purchase the WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup Pro extension here (all plugin purchases include a No Risk 30 Day Refund Policy).