Other Filters

Returns a Text String

wpsso_post_url ( $url, $mod, $add_page, $src_id )
The wpsso_post_url filter is called to get the sharing URL for a singular page, or for the URL of a single post within a loop (for the social sharing buttons, as an example).
wpsso_sharing_url ( $url, $mod, $add_page, $src_id )
A filter called for every sharing URL used in WPSSO meta tags or by the social sharing buttons.

Returns an Array

wpsso_topics ( $topics = array() )
An array of build-in Topics.
wpsso_ngg_tags ( $tags, $pid )
An array of NextGEN Gallery image tags used in the article:tag meta tags. This filter takes 2 arguments, the first is the array of NGG image tags, and the second the NGG image ID number.