Add Schema aggregateRating Meta Tags

WPSSO Core Premium includes support for product ratings from its own WPSSO Ratings and Reviews add-on, along with the WooCommerce, and WP-PostRatings plugins.

If you would like to add product ratings from other sources, you can hook the ‘wpsso_og’ filter. Here’s an example that retrieves the ‘average_review’ and ‘count_review’ custom field (aka post meta) values for a “product” type.

For the Schema aggregateRating markup to show-up, make sure you’re either using the WPSSO JSON add-on (suggested), or have enabled the “Meta Property Containers” option under the SSO > General Settings > Specific Websites and Publishers > Google / Schema tab (not required when using the WPSSO JSON add-on) — and ¬†clear the WPSSO cache so meta tags and JSON-LD markup can be refreshed. ;-)

What are Meta Property Containers?

Using meta tags for Schema markup allows for simple one-dimensional markup. The “Meta Property Containers” option allows the addition of a second dimension (see following example) — to add more complex multi-dimensional Schema markup (product variations, recipe information, local business SEO, video SEO, etc.) a plugin like WPSSO JSON is required.