Twitter Card Filters

A list of WPSSO filters used to modify and return the Twitter Card array. Some filters, like the ‘wpsso_tc’ filter, have an extra “seed” variant — the “seed” filter is typically applied at the beginning of a method (so the input string or array is empty), and if a value is returned by the filter, the value is used as-is and the remainder of the method is skipped. The “non-seed” filter variant is applied at the end of the method, so the filter receives a complete string or array that can be modified before being returned.

If you’d like to customize and integrate additional features into the WPSSO plugin, we offer custom development services. Submit a new support ticket to describe your requirements, and we can give you an idea of the expected time and cost to develop your custom feature(s).

Returns an Array

wpsso_tc_seed ( $mt_tc, $mod )
wpsso_tc ( $mt_tc, $mod )
A multidimensional array of Twitter Card meta tags. The Twitter Card array returned by the “seed” filter will be completed with any missing elements, keeping the predefined elements in the array as-is.