Media Filters

A list of WPSSO filters used to modify and return information about images and videos.

If you’d like to customize and integrate additional features into the WPSSO plugin, we offer custom development services. Submit a new support ticket to describe your requirements, and we can give you an idea of the expected time and cost to develop your custom feature(s).

Returns an Array

wpsso_attached_image_ids ( $attach_ids, $post_id )
Receives (and should return) an array of attached image IDs. The image IDs are sorted numerically from largest to smallest by default. Use this filter re-arrange the order of image IDs (for example).
wpsso_og_featured ( $og_ret, $num, $size_name, $post_id, $check_dupes, $force_regen )
Receives (and should return) a two-dimensional array describing the featured image.