Head Filters

A list of WPSSO Core filters that are used to construct the head section of a webpage.

If you’d like to customize and integrate additional features into the WPSSO Core plugin, we offer custom development services. Submit a new support ticket to describe your requirements, and we can give you an idea of the expected time and cost to develop your custom feature(s).

Returns a Boolean

wpsso_add_head_html ( $bool, $mod )
Add meta tags and Schema markup to the current webpage (true / false).

Returns an Array

wpsso_link_rel ( $link_rel, $mod )
wpsso_meta_name ( $mt_name $mod )
wpsso_schema_meta_itemprop ( $mt_schema, $mod, $mt_og, $head_type_id )
A multidimensional array of head meta tags.