Why does Facebook play videos instead of linking them?

WPSSO Core generates information about the current webpage and its content – what social websites like Facebook do with that information is beyond our control. When Facebook is given information on videos, it embeds and plays them directly instead of linking the preview image (as an example) to the source website. If this is not what you want, there are two possible solutions:

  1. Turn off video discovery completely by setting “Max Videos to Include” to “0” on the SSO > General settings page (or the Social and Search Optimization metabox on individual post/page editing pages).
  2. Uncheck these meta tags on the SSO Advanced settings page. This will leave the video preview images, but exclude information on the videos themselves.
    • al:ios:url
    • al:web:url
    • al:web:should_fallback
    • og:video:url
    • og:video:secure_url
    • og:video:width
    • og:video:height
    • og:video:type