Can I use the Premium version on multiple websites?

WPSSO Core Premium is licensed per WordPress Site Address URL, and each purchase (of one or more licenses) is assigned a unique Authentication ID number. This Authentication ID allows you to install, upgrade and activate the Premium version on one or more websites, up to the number of licenses you purchased.

Discounts are available for purchases of 2 or more licenses. The 2 license pack is a good choice if you have both a Staging and Production website (as offered by WP Engine, for example). Websites that are load-balanced across several servers need only one license if they use the same WordPress Site Address URL on all the load-balanced sites.

Sites within a Network / multisite use different WordPress Site Addresses, so each blog wanting to use the Premium version features must be licensed. The SSO settings in the Network admin interface allow you to define a default Authentication ID for all sites (which can be customized / modified in each site’s Licenses settings page), or force all sites to use the same Authentication ID.

Take note that the default blog (ie. BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE) must be licensed as well to allow Premium version updates from the Network Admin interface – so purchase a number of licenses accordingly (at least one for the default blog). See the Multisite / Network Support notes for additional information.

As an example, if you purchase 5 licenses, you will receive a single Authentication ID, which you can re-use for 5 websites (aka WordPress Site Address URLs). You can also get 5 individual Authentication IDs, all different, by purchasing a single license 5 times.

As a service to our clients, we offer the option of merging 2 or more Authentication IDs under a single Authentication ID number (to ease license management issues). If you would like to merge 2 or more Authentication IDs, open a new support ticket and include all Authentication IDs to be merged in your request, along with the one Authentication ID you would like to keep.