TAQ Shortcode

The WPSSO TAQ add-on features an easy toolbar button for the Visual Editor to create a Tweetable quote shortcode. Example:

The WPSSO TAQ settings allow you to manage several aspects of the shortcode — allowing you to add the Business @username, recommend the Author @username, link the quote text, append a Tweet icon, define the popup window size, etc. The shortcode arguments allow you to change some settings for each Tweetable quote, and manage a few more values.

true, false, or a specific post ID to share.

  • true = Use the WordPress $post object to determine the post ID (default).
  • false = Use the WordPress query to determine the post ID.
  • # = Use a specific WordPress post ID number.
A specific URL to share, instead of the current webpage or Post URL.
The displayed text and Tweetable text can be different. Example:
The Twitter Business via @username. Use an empty string to exclude the default Twitter Business @username.
The Twitter related author @username(s). Use an empty string to exclude the default related author @username(s).